Tack Board - Idea Enhancement

Project Tack Board

This page displays thumbnails of new and representative artwork with informal comments plus links to other Project sites and resources.


1-A [Big Idea Second IV - 5/7/16] overlays a landscape format with mid-century modern overtones in the abstract forms populating the middle ground and a cool Mediterranean pallet to connect with the viewer and set the mood.

1-B [ Landscape with Barn XXVI - 5/18/16] combines both pictorial and storybook qualities with a somewhat acid pallet and invites the viewer to connect the pieces and generates a narrative in the qualitative mind.

1-C [Landscape with Pond - 4/22/16] has an affinity for traditional landscapes and techniques, and makes use of lines to evoke the thoughts of hills, trees, houses, water, rock formations, etc. that bring historic overtones and reflections to the contemplative experience that enhance memory cues.

1-D [Rock in the Pond 19 - 4/26/16] uses form, shape and color to organize space — the contemplative mind progresses through the image and recognizes embedded structures in a collaborative flow. A scattering of line work suggests an underlying form, and strengthens the mind’s predilection to find significant groupings.

1-E [Idea 1 - 6/28/16] presents a nebula like structure of indeterminate depth filled with discrete forms inviting qualitative exploration.

1-F [Protein Structure Stretched - 3/22/13] uses an “armature” of scientific fact to spin off structures designed to promote theoretical connections.

1-G [Symbols on a Field - Idea Enhancement detail 1986] is an early attempt that utilizes “significant lines” to induce cognitive processes.

1H [Idea 2 - Gift Shop - 7-27-16] evokes memories of crowded displays in museums, gift shops and consignment malls, and allows the viewer to create a unique collection of ideas and objects using the embedded visual information.