Round 2 Images

Round 2 moves to a area of visual concentration suggested by the results of the first survey. All the images in this round were created to maximize the visual areas while minimizing the compositional structured pathways that direct the viewer in collecting information.

This reduction of the barrier membrane between areas of qualitative solutions [form, shape, line, color, etc.] in the image promotes a greater contemplative flow, resulting in a greater amount of material submitted for creative processing.

In response to comments stating that meaningful results can only be achieved with a scientific experiment: “to "prove" the efficacy of your art in idea enhancement, you would need to show how results differ from a "control" group that looked as something else, perhaps a blank wall for ten minutes” — This type of quantitative reasoning is entirely superfluous to the artistic process.

In qualitative problem solving, the artistic piece itself is the solution. Art has been providing practical solutions to problems of the human condition for half a million years.

Please take some time to view the Round 2 images, and use the survey link below to comment on their effectiveness in promoting a state of contemplation and creative ”flow,” along with the following areas of special interest:

• Are any of the images more successful than others?

• What appears to be the reason for this?

• Any further comments on your experience.

All images are free downloads as original size JPEGs.

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